Review Product – Mamaearth mosquito patches

Having the babies away from mosquito’s is the biggest task, now that Dhruv has started to crawl its become a daily task to fight with mosquito’s. Although i tried different ways to keep him away from mosquito’s it was a failure. The few minutes of diaper free time was more than enough for the mosquito’s to have a drink from my liltle one.

Thats when i was sent this Mamaearth mosquito patches !! It was really God sent, i have made multiple buys from then and have never stepped out without them. Even in the night i put two patches on either side of the bed and tada !!

I was not convinced to use the mosquito spray and gel on his skin, because its the phase that he swallows and bites everything he sees. But these patches work like pro.

Although this is a review product its honest straight from a honest mom !!

P.S – Please note to close the ziplock of the patch cover when you take one at a that the other unused doesn’t loose the fragrance.


Review – Mamaearth Dusting Powder for babies, with oatmeal and arrowroot powder.

One stop answer for all the rashes problem !

One problem that babies deal with on a daily basis is rashes. It was the same with Dhruv aswell, I used himalayas diaper rash cream in the beginning and the results were not that good.He has super sensitive skin and diaper cream increased the moisture in the skin and it took really long time for the rashes in his bum to subside.

I personally use dusting powder for my personal hygiene, so i did look for something similar and thats when i found mamaearth products and i quickly ordered their dusting powder for babies and their travel pack essentials which has a This is a true saviour !

It is so much better than the diaper creams ! I use this dusting powder between diaper changes and during the diaper free time and hands down guys its been a miracle no rashes since then.Touchwood.

Why dusting powder ?!

People with sensitive skin and if you are looking for a immediate remedy for rashes and irritation this is the perfect choice. When you go ahead with cream based it increases the moisture in the skin by developing an extra layer. This dusting powder gave immediate results, when i travel during diaper changegs this was my powertool.

After using this on my little one’s bum i personally recommend this for you to try and benefit.

Love and care


Healthy Hair simply defines you!

This is a sponsored post.All opinions are mine.

Hair simply defines you – All of you will agree with it. Our hair length, style, and colour have changed from time to time- school, college, work and now being a mother. I have a wavy soft thick hair, Thanks to my genes! After becoming a mother things changed one such thing is my hair care, I have lost interest maybe to spend even 5minutes for my hair. I know that’s the case with almost every mother.Thanks to pregnancy which gave me a healthy hair and I have started to take care of it again!

A few weeks back when I was going through different hair extension options, they are of great option which would simply give you super look! If you are looking for the extra bouncy and shiny hassle-free look instantly for the parties try divatress wigs. 


Below are the simple tips on how I take care of my hair –

  • Deep conditioning – cold pressed coconut oil
  • Mild milk-based cleanser shampoo
  • leave on conditioner
  • Deep oil massage once a week
  • Use cotton hairbands

Healthy hair simply gives you the best feeling! and its easy peasy when you take constant care of it. For special occasions to get that fully filmy look check Divatress wigs. – Tips on buying a New Car

This is a Sponsored Post


Buying a new car is like adding another person to your family, isn’t it ?! Once you decide to buy a car, everybody will share their thoughts and some will also try convincing you to buy their choice, the struggle is real! But you need to be satisfied personally before purchasing your car, so below are the quick tips and links that should make your work easy:

  1. Set your budget
  2. Look for the reviews that you have shortlisted and for some trusted sites, I prefer
  3. Second-hand cars are a great option- because the price of the cars depreciates almost 50% when its sold within the first three years of purchase.Now you can take home a luxury car in your budget.
  4. Comfortness – Take test drives and make sure your family is also comfortable with the car.
  5. Mileage – Check for the best and worst mileage cars which are very important so that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket later.
  6. Plan your budget – If you are going for a loan check use an auto loan calculator 
  7. Insurance – Ensure your car is covered so that any unforeseen situation is handled.

What are your thoughts and tip on purchasing a new car? Share them in the comment section. 


Grandparents are needed to grow securely in an unfamiliar world..

A Blessed child is one who grows up around their grandparents, wouldn’t you agree ?! Am truly blessed and so is my little one. Everyone has a good old memory with our grandparents the summer visits, the stories, the extra food, the evening walks, the playtime, late night talks, the fights with cousins and so on! I would always wait for my summer holidays so that I visit my grandparents.

Do the kids in this generation get to spend some quality time with their grandparents ?! It is a big NO, that’s maybe we have started to run behind what our society thinks and make adjustments to match up that level.

Summer holidays have shifted from grandparents home to summer classes. Do you really think our kids will learn something productive and life lessons in the summer classes than from grandparents ?! Who are we fooling here ?! Ourselves.

During our summer holidays, It used to be around 8 of us we used to play until we were exhausted and then when we run to our granny for food, we had to wait until we get our big ball of food with love and care. We were taught to eat the leftover food, stitch our torn clothes, sort out our silly fights and the main point there was no tv time because the play time was not enough at all. Give it a thought you will understand life lessons are more important than the summer classes.

This post is a part of a Blog train-initiated by Pooja Kawatra who blogs at Mums & Babies. Also have a look at the entire schedule of the blog train HERE.


I would like to thank Sonam Jain from themagicplatter   , the mother of a toddler who plates stories. Her platters are creative whimsical and attractive ensuring kids especially picky eaters to get hooked on to home food without being fussy about anything, for introducing me. I would like to introduce Niharika a former HR professional but now WAHM and a blogger.Her endless love for her daughter is her daily source of motivation.

Everything you need to know about Jaundice and bilirubin for a Newborn baby

Right from the start when little D was inside me i was very clear not to take any medicines.Be it a very bad headache,cold or fever i stuck to this oath.When little D was born i was advised to put him on Vitamins.I could not skip this step because lil D was diagnosed with Jaundice his bilirubin count was round the border so i had to put him on the medication.Jaundice for a newborn baby is totally normal. Mostly 60% of the full term baby and 80% of the pre term babies are diagnosed with jaundice. What is Jaundice and bilirubin counts ?! It was greek and latin when i heard them for the first time and when i did my part of google research it just got a lot worse. Bilirubin is the orange yellow pigment formed in the liver by the breakdown of haemoglobin and excreted in bile.( this is the mere definition from google ). This cause the yellowish colour in the body. When the baby is inside the mothers womb the liver did not have to function and once the baby is out the liver will start functioning and the digestive system will start working.So now the the blood in the liver will have to get flushed, It is during this process babies develop Jaundice.So now does it seem normal for the babies to have jaundice ?!

How to handle Jaundice ?

  • The mother will have to keep feeding the baby this the immediate and important thing you will have to do.Its simple when you are down with fever and the doctor puts you on medication does he advises you to have gallons of water ?! Have you ever wondered why ? Or probably many of you know the secret. Its because when the medication is battling with the infection it is water that will flush your system.The same applies here you will have to keep feeding the baby so every time the baby pees and poops its been flushed. Tip: mother will have to drink lots of water while feeding so that your milk is diluted and it is easy for the baby to digest.
  • Look for the pee colour. Its usually red or orange when the bilirubin count is high and changes to yellow and white as the count goes down.
  • Sunlight is the natural solution for it.see to that the baby is under direct sunlight.The sunrise and sunset timings are the best for the baby.
  • Filtered light also does the magic.It means the area anywhere in your balcony or near your window where there is warmth.
  • Control on your food cut down on all the foods that cause heat.

Signs that needs medication

Dont assume the signs you may be wrong. Contact the doctor

  • If the babies nails and eyes are still yellowish and does not get better over time.
  • If the baby cries when they pee and look for the colour of the pee.
  • If the baby does not feed properly and keeps vomiting milk. If the vomit is like curd its normal you need not worry.

Have a constant check on the bilirubin count from the week the baby was diagnosed.Your baby is going to be totally fine start believing that.If there is anything that you would like to share more on this thoughts/comments/experience comment below.

The above post is purely based on my experience on how i dealt with little D.Please do not compare or stop any medications based on that.

Water ! – A simple Mantra

A simple mantra for a healthy living is just drinking water.All of you know that 70% of your body is made of water so for your body to function properly and to flush all the waste, your system needs water.Back then when I was working there were days I hardly had a sip of water for even 6 hours straight.We actually get into the habit of forgetting to drink fluids.When I was pregnant everyone around advised me to have at least 3 – 4ltrs of water and I had to have gallons of water during my scan.At one point in time, I started to look for other options so that water tastes better and Eureka! Infused water.

Infused water is a process in which the nutrient and chemical component from the fruits and vegetables can be infused into daily drinking of plain water.Basically plain water with a twist of your desired infusion of fruits. Doesn’t it sound healthy and easy?Below are quick and easy steps to prepare an infused water.

There are infusion bottles available online you can check instacuppa. All that you will have to do is get creative by adding your own favourite fruits/vegetables/herbs/edible flowers to the infuser and allow it to work for some time, overnight works the best. Below are my quick and favourite combinations :

  • Watermelon + mint
  • orange+lime
  • lemon+kiwi+strawberry
  • strawberry + lemon

Lose weight with water :

Yes! you heard me right, you can really reduce weight by just increasing the quantity of water you intake and also I can share you some of my hacks that will help.

  • Drink 2-4 glasses of warm water empty stomach prefered.
  • Make it a point to have 100ml of warm water before and after your meal it really helps in melting the fat.
  •  Try infused water, it is a great way to include some nutrition in your intake of fluids.
  • Measure your intake of water and make sure it is more than 2-3 litres daily.

Hope this article makes you take at least a little initiative towards the infused water and healthy